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The Raid Redemption Indonesia is a new car on the market that aims to compete with other brands for a share of the global market. It's been designed for people looking to buy a new car in order to have their own vehicle, while also wanting it to be environmentally friendly and not spend too much money on gas.This post will give you the low-down on some of these new designs and how they can give you a more enjoyable experience with your car, without you feeling like you're missing out.

##Rules (Please read these before writing an introduction)1) Be descriptive - both in giving background information about the topic at hand, as well as what kind of audience this blog post will appeal to. 2) Make sure the information is fresh and up-to-date. If it isn't, then you will get warned or be banned from writing on this page.3) Make sure that the post appeals to the Indonesian market - this means that if there is more than one country/market where your topic can be viewed, then please do more research on which market you should use.4) Be creative and use your imagination when writing a title/posting. Don't just say "Hey guys, I wrote a new article about..." as people will not take you seriously as a blogger and might laugh at your content if it's badly written. 5) The thread must be live and kept alive. If the article/thread has been untouched for more than 3 months, it will be deleted.6) The thread has to be readable and understandable. Don't make readers scroll down for 5 minutes to read everything you wrote; use proper paragraphs and punctuation (this applies to the majority of other blogs on this forum as well). Also, if you're going to use a lot of bold and italic font, then please do it sparingly as it makes it harder for people to read. 7) Don't be rude and constantly repeat the same thing over and over again. If you constantly repeat what you just wrote, then your thread might get deleted or warned. 8) When replying to other people's threads, please don't say more than 3 things in one post/posting. If you do, then it might be deleted as your reply may not be relevant enough for people to read more than once. 9) Don't create a new thread about a topic that has already been discussed in another one on this forum. (Always remember: The content on this thread is for discussion and sharing, not just bragging.) ##About AutoKisah

AutoKisah is a car magazine that is created for those who are interested in cars as a hobby. In the magazine, there are also games and activities for readers to play. When browsing through the magazine, readers will find many different kinds of cars from all over the world. If you're a fan of cars and want to bring a piece of it into your own life, then you should definitely check out this magazine.


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